Aspects That Make Solo Travel Unique And Special

Most people find it dreadful, to even imagine traveling solo, mostly because of the fear of feeling lonely. This is the prime reason for which most of them plan vacations and trips with families, friends or groups with common interests. Traveling solo has its own set of risks, but leaving them apart, there are various positive aspects that make single travel truly unique and special at the same time.

When it comes to comparing the advantages and risks of traveling solo, then the former will surely win over the latter. Starting from the joy of traveling off the track to getting an opportunity to relish the real flavours of freedom in a new way; solo travel gives a new meaning to exploration. The following are some of the major aspects that make single travel truly unique and special.

• Exploring the Hidden Aspects of Individuality

Traveling solo opens up the barriers of expression. A person spends time with the inner self. This helps in exploring the hidden aspects of individuality that often stay concealed due to the day-to-day goals and responsibilities. Solo travel is a way to escape in a world where there are no responsibilities, workloads or negativity of daily life. Thus, it helps one to become familiar with the inner thoughts and feelings which give an entirely different meaning to traveling.

• Speaking to Strangers and Making New Friends

Solo travel is a great way to meet new people and make new friends. Interacting with people becomes a daunting task when one travels in a group because the priorities stay confined. Whereas, traveling solo provides the traveller with an opportunity to interact freely with the locals and natives. This helps one to gain a complete idea about the cultures and customs of the place.

• Escape to Peace and Freedom

Traveling single does not need any necessary bindings of time and other goals. One gets an opportunity to set own goals and priorities without the fear of time management. This is not at all possible with group travels where there are multiple opinions and preferences prevail.

• Challenging the Fears and Overcoming the Insecurities

Solo travel helps a person to challenge all the fears and overcome all the insecurities that work as hurdles all throughout life. While traveling solo a person takes decisions based on the individual preferences and planning. Thus, it helps one to become confident, as well.

Apart from these advantages, traveling solo helps a traveller to save a significant amount of money, and it also provides an opportunity to experience new things.

Questions to Ask Your Travel Consultant

Travellers have access to many professional travel agencies. Each travel agency cannot be an expert at all things relating to travel. Choosing the right travel consultant is important as they will be arranging your holiday. You need to have confidence that the travel agent has your interests at heart. Here is a list of questions that will help you find the travel agent that will help you.

1. What is your main expertise? Do you specialise in my kind of travel? Do you have access to great deals in this area? Where d you get support?

2. Do you recommend any airline? Do you have any favourite airlines, tour providers or cruise companies? Do the airlines and travel companies send you information on monthly deals?

3. How long will it take for you to get back to me, after I give you the information that I have collected for my trip?

4. Do you provide access to your travellers during their travel? How? What plans do you have in place in exotic locations? Are you available “out of hours”?

5. What is the average response time to emails, phone calls and other methods of contact? Like Skype, Viber etc.

6. Can I meet you? Face-to-face? Chat room? Skype?

7. Can I read any testimonials from previous travellers?

8. How often did they communicate with you and did they have any problems on their travel?

9. How do you add value to travel plans? Can you give me an example?

10. Do I need travel insurance? Can you arrange it? What insurance companies do you access? Where else can I arrange travel insurance?

11. Do I need vaccinations if I travel to a particular country? Who can arrange them?

12. Have you travelled to any of these destinations? What is special about them? How do I stay out of trouble?

Of course there are many more questions that you can ask your travel consultant. You do not need to ask each one of them but the list to help you formulate your important questions. Write them down and have the conversation as soon as possible. Understand, that the travel consultant will also need to ask you a lot of questions to fully understand your travel needs. Good travel consultants research.

The successful journey to travelling starts with you. Then together with the travel consultant plans are made and you then get to experience the wonders that you have chosen to experience.

Business Travel Agents Tips: Things to Know About Flight Delay Compensation

You arrive at the airport, your flight is delayed or even cancelled? Flight delay compensation is an important topic travellers should know about, especially when it comes to business travel. Whether it is due to bad weather such as snow, a security alert or a strike, there are many reasons for flight delays and cancellations. But whatever the reason, it means you have to stay involuntarily longer at the airport before you can travel to your destination or back home. Plus, you may be entitled to flight delay compensation or a refund. Here are some important rules helping you to make sure you are not left out of pocket and make the most of the involuntarily gained extra time.

1. Know your rights

From getting refunded for all your food and drink expenses to getting a hotel or some alternative transportation, you should know what you are entitled to. So, if your flight is cancelled or heavily delayed, you’re protected by the Denied Boarding Regulation (EU rule 261/2004 and repealing regulation (EEC) No 295/91). Unless ‘extraordinary circumstances’ apply, you can claim a financial flight delay compensation for cancelled or heavily delayed flights totalling:

€250 (£210) for inter-EU flights of 930 miles or less

€400 (£330) for flights between 930 and 1,860 miles

€600 (£500) for other journeys (long-haul flights)

It applies for EU flights, which includes any flights leaving from or arriving at an EU airport with an EU-based airline. Plus, your compensation may be reduced by 50% depending on flight distance and the ultimate arrival time. This means the reduced compensation applies to short haul flights within two hours, to medium haul flights within three hours and to long haul flights within four hours. But remember, flight delay compensation is only applicable if it is the airline’s fault (i.e. no act of God applies, such as natural catastrophes, incl. earth quakes, volcanoes or bad weather or political unrest). To claim flight delay compensation simply write to your airline stating the flight number, date, length of delay and reason for the claim. Sometimes airlines try offering you vouchers as flight delay compensation, but you don’t have to accept them and can ask for a cash refund instead. If your airline refuses to compensate you, contact the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) for support and advice. Note, technical faults, unless they result from events which, by their nature or origin, are not part of the normal exercise of the airline, do not count as extraordinary circumstances.

Your right to reimbursement comes into play, if the delay is a minimum of five hours. You should get a reimbursement within seven days, for the cost of the flight ticket, the part of the trip not travelled and the parts already travelled, provided they are then useless. Where applicable, you may be even entitled to the earliest possible return flight to your departure destination or rerouting along with a refund.

During the travel disruption you should receive assistance from your airline, including food, drinks, two free telephone calls, faxes or emails, as well as accommodation and transport transfers to and from the hotel – where applicable. This is regardless of the reason for the delay/cancellation.

2. Networking

It’s always good to make friends, so why not use the downtime for extending your network. Try to see the positive of dealing with flight delays. Seen from a practical level, you may be able to share costs, e.g. for a taxi into town. Also being friendly towards the airport staff may prove helpful. Especially in these kinds of situations they encounter a lot of stressed and unfriendly customers, although the delay/cancellation is none of their personal fault. If you are friendly they are much more likely to help you, maybe even give you some extra advice.

3. Gate-crash the airport lounges

Those of you flying Business Class or being members of corporate airline loyalty or frequent flyer schemes will already be in the VIP lounge enjoying a nice drink and peanuts. It’s a far quieter and relaxed environment. This may be the best option when having to wait for a delayed flight. But if you are neither flying business class, nor a member of a loyalty scheme, be advised that in some cases these lounges are not exclusive and you may be able to access them for a fee of around £20. This could be much cheaper than getting your food and drink from an airport bar.

Furthermore, desk agents in these lounges are often authorised to make fast, last-minute reservations’ changes and there are usually far fewer people ahead of you in the queue. At least you can enjoy the Wi-Fi and free snacks (or booze!) while you have to wait. In the case of a flight cancellation or major delay, and you are at the airport immediately contact the airline you are travelling with. To change the ticket and get advice on the available options, it is best to go to your airline’s ticket desk, as soon as possible. Your business travel management company should continually provide pro-active telephone support throughout, as Flightline Travel does.

What are your top tips for dealing with flight delays and cancellations?

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Are All Inclusive Travel Deals Worthy of Your Time and Money?

So, you are looking at a website of a very luxurious place in one great European country. Then, you figure you can probably bring your family there for your mother’s birthday. Now, there is nothing else left to do but plan the entire trip-which, of course, is a lot more than what you can imagine. You have to check out the schedules of the flights you can catch together. Then, you need to book or reserve rooms in that luxurious hotel. Plus, you have an entire set of minor preparations to complete for that fun family trip you want.

If all these seem to overwhelm you, then maybe what you really need is to contact a travel agent. You should look for someone who can offer you all inclusive travel deals that will gather everything you need for the trip and deliver them in one whole package. This is what most people do nowadays, which may also be why traveling has become so easy and convenient.

Despite the ease and convenience of all inclusive travel deals though, there are still others who question if paying for the arrangements is really worth it. Well, you will question it too especially if you are presented with the bill of the travel agent’s professional fee and the package’s costing. This is also why there are just as many people who hesitate going for such travel deals. If you are thinking along the same lines, you might want to start seeing the brighter side of all inclusive travel deals.

For one, these deals will get you everything you need for your travel. By everything, you can definitely count on the very core of the word. You get airplane fares, hotel accommodations, meal packages, and itineraries complete with guides. Your travel agent will be able to let you have your dream vacation without the hassle and the worry. What is more, you can definitely count on the packages customized in such a way that would fit all of your requirements. If you need some arrangements that will help your family have a better and a more convenient travel, then you can certainly have it.

Another reason you can consider all inclusive travel planning as worthy of your money is that it actually saves you a good sum. This means that if you get all inclusive travel deals, you spend less money than you would normally do over your own arranged plan. Travel agencies promise a lot in terms of discounts and pre-packaged deals that cost less than the separate arrangements. For example, you can get less for a package of airfare and hotel accommodation than when you pay for them separately. Therefore, you really should consider such kind of deals when your main deciding factor is your budget.

Finally, all inclusive travel planning is worth it if you want a trip that is convenient and that will not cause you so much stress. You want to be able to visit a place, marvel at its beauty, immerse in its culture, and really just relax. These are things you cannot really enjoy if you have so much to think about. You would not be able to fully appreciate your trip if you constantly have to go about trying to arrange your hotel rooms or contacting drivers for your itineraries. In this case, having a well-planned and organized travel is what you need. That is something you can get from hiring a travel agent who can very well perform all the tasks you can think of.

There are more reasons to finding all inclusive travel planning as worthy of your time and money. In summary, these reasons mainly point to the fact that through all inclusive travel deals, you get to go to that dream place of yours without thinking or doing too much. Your budget is well-considered as well as your effort. You can be sure that you would be able to get your hands on the best deals in transportation and accommodation without batting an eyelash. At the end of the day, the best thing that can be said is that you and your loved ones will surely have a great time spending several days with one another without the stress of traveling.